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We carry both an oil-based line of heat presses, and an electric only line of rotary heat presses with multi-zone heating control, providing an uniform color transfer both in the length and across the width.  Some models/sizes are also available with OIL-based drums for high production and continuous use applications that for long shifts and higher speeds & quantities. Most applications that do not need oil-based drums, can be run with our Electric only presses.  With this newer, cleaner, and less power consuming electric only technology, you can achieve the same results, consuming less power for heating, less maintenance, and at a higher speed than other electric heat presses in the market.  Electric-only drums allow you to heat up and coold down in less than half the time required by oil-drums, which is perfect for on-demand production or for everyday productions.
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Product of the Year Award - SGIA 2015



Rotary Heat Press

Roll to Roll & Pieces or Sheets

Belt Widths: 24" - 44" - 52" - 60" - 67" - 75" - 91" - 99" - 136" ( model sizes may vary )
Transfer full rolls of fabric at their full width, or just transfer multiple pieces at once.
NEW 136" Heat Press

Speeds: from 2-12 ft/min or 0.5-4 m/min depending on machine sizes.  Easy speed control, and fastest speed.
Temperature: max temp 450 F. Normal running temperatures 395F-405F.
Some models are CE approved

DigiHeat 67" on YouTube

Heat Press Models
All Heat Press Models

6763T Rotary w/table
6763T Rotary w/ Table

64" transfer area & digital controller
3-Zone Heat & Temp Control
Multiple unwinders & rewinders

136" Heat Press
136" Heat Press - Grand Format
132" wide transfer area
Multiple-zone heating & control
Auto-centering of belt & Pressure Control

44" Heat Press
44" Heat Press + Feed Table
42" transfer area & digital controller
Feeding table for easy of use
Multiple unwinders & rewinders

67" Heat Press
67" Heat Press
64" transfer area & digital controller
3-Zone Heat & Temp Control
Multiple unwinders & rewinders

6248 Flat Press
Flat Bed Heat Press

60" x 48" Multi-zone heating & control
Transfer of large cut sheets

Drum: electrical drum with multiple heaters and heat zones ( depending on machine model ) provides:

  • A more consistent transfer of colors
  • Quicker heat up and cool down times
  • Automatic timer will cool down and shut off your machine, without needing to wait for it.


Price: high quality machines at very affordable prices.  Call for details and availability.


  • Heat transfer your dye sublimation prints from paper to fabric
  • Heat set / cure your pre-printed fabrics, both for disperse and pigments inks.


Transfer or sublimate:

  • Banners, Signs, and Flags
  • Fabrics and Sample Yardage, garments, apparel, etc.
  • Custom and Short run productions
  • Larger run productions, speeds depend on machine model and substrates to be used
  • Sportswear, Swimwear, and Outdoors
  • Casino and Gaming tables, felts, and graphics
  • Transfer to many polyester-based or coated flexible substrates/fabrics


  • Up to 4 Zone Heaters and Heat Controls depending on model
  • Variable Speed control
  • Drum sizes between 9" and 14"
  • Digital Temperature Control
    • Display Actual & Set temperature
    • Temperature sensors
  • Automatic Cool Down and Shutdown function
  • Hand Protect Safety Sensors
  • Adjust belt tension manually or by air pressure ( depends on model )
  • 3 Unwinds & 2 or 3 Rewinds with variable speed depending on model
  • Easy to use, load, and unload. Stands on wheels / legs to easily move it, and lock it in place.

67" OIL Heat Press
67" OIL-based Heat Press
22" Diameter Drum - High Speed Production
64" transfer area & digital controller
3-Zone Heat & Temp Control
Multiple unwinders & rewinders

52" Heat Press
52" Heat Press + Feed Table
48" transfer area & digital controller
Feeding table for easy of use
Multiple unwinders & rewinders


  • Digital InkJet Fabrics

    Ink Jet Fabric Printing
    Graphics & Textiles
    Sample Yardage
    Signs, Banners, Flags
    Art & Photo Reproduction

  • Equipment

    Large Format Printers
    Heat Press
    Digital Textile Fixer
    InkJet Fabrics Steamer
    Inkjet Fabrics Washer

  • Software

    CAD & RIP Software
    Textile & Graphic RIP
    Design, Repeat, Coloring
    RIP-on-the-fly printing for
    long yardage runs

  • Supplies

    Inks: Sublimation, Textile, Pigment, Reactive, Acid, Disperse, and more
    Papers: Transfer, other
    Parts: printers & heat presses

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