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What Is It & Why Do I Need it? 


What is Digital Textile Printing?
The process needed
Its uses and advantages


What Is Digital Textile Printing?

Is the technology that consists of printing your designs on fabric, directly from your computer, with no other additional step.  This means that after you are finished creating your designs, and once you have them in repeat, you can print on fabric just like you print on paper or other medias using a RIP software.  Some ink types may require a post treatment such as steaming or heat setting the print.

The Process Needed

The only requirement is that the fabrics to use have to be pre-treated to hold the ink better, and achieve a wider color gamut and quality output. The pre-treatment of the fabric allows you to obtain a wider range of colors and thus an optimized colormatching. DigiFab® has developed various types of treatments, according to the fabrics and the inks to be used.

Uses and Advantages

The concept of digital printing on fabrics has opened new opportunities for designers, merchandisers, production and art departments, salespersons, etc.  You can print as little as a small piece of fabric, or as much as a large roll. You can make garments, sportswear, apparell, signs, banners, flags, sample strike-off, samples for your sales reps, graphic or art reproductions, interior design fabrics, and so much more.  The possibilities are so many, since so many industries and products involve some type of fabric in at least one of their products. With digital textile printing you do not need to create screens to print your fabrics, which not only is time saving, but also cost effective.
If you are interested in a sample, or instead you wish to be provided with the service of printing your designs on fabric, visit DigiFab® Systems, Inc. or our partner's service bureaus, with offices in Los Angeles and New York.


DigiFab was the first company to offer a variety of pre-treated fabrics for digital printing in continuous rolls, paper backed, and ready to use, in commercial boxes, each one containing 5 to 30 yards of usable product.
DigiFab products have been researched and developed for several years to become the best available digital fabrics worldwide.
The background of DigiFab's management consists of over thirty years of experience in the Textile industry, in several production areas, in the research and the development fields, and in the CAD and CAM. This large experience and the knowledge of the real meaning of the digital printing of textiles, and the commitment to support the end user, is the ideal combination that has made DigiFab® to be the most reliable option.
DigiFab® is producing several fabrics with different treatments applied according to the fabric composition and/or the type of inks to be used. This ensures the possibility of a true color matching and a best color output, minimizing color wash out, optimizing ink consumptions, and increasing color vibrancy.
DigiFab® also offers the possibility for custom treatments. Previous laboratory tests and, eventually, the formulation of new treatments, are required to define the printability of the fabrics. Once the desired performance is obtained, a minimum amount of yardage is required for customized treatments. This versatility, puts DigiFab® in the unique position for better serving the needs of virtually any digital textile printing process.
Currently DigiFab's products are being successfully used on the best and most popular printers, and will continue to develop new products according to the upcoming needs of digital textile printing.

There are many advantages of using our products, such as:

  • Now, you no longer depend on third parties, you can make your own fast sample yardage in house.
  • No longer you will have to wait for costly screens to be made or your printers to give you strike-offs to show your samples, now you can have them printed out in matter of minutes (not days or weeks).
  • No more costly mistakes and wasted time on designs that won't sell. You will be able to develop as many designs as you want, and to pay only for the screens you know are profitable.
  • You will be able to show more sample garments to your customers, and as you already know, the sooner the customers get a sample fabric or a garment to see, the sooner they will close a sale.
  • A variety of high quality fashion pre-treated fabrics, with the widest range and most enhanced color performance and consistency available in the market: DigiFab fabrics.
  • After creating and designing your prints, you can easily re-color them and have several print-outs on fabric at a click of the mouse.


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