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Graphic & Textile RIP

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State of the art Textile & Graphic RIP.

Textile: Take advantage of the coloring options, quick image manipulations, color profiles, and the step & repeat functions. A pure Textile RIP that grew out of years of experience in the textile industry. Print sample yardage quickly on-the-fly, use step & repeat functions, check colorways of separated images.

Graphics: compatible with most graphic programs, and ready to take care of all of your digital printing needs for illustrations, photography, signage, banners & flags, posters, and more... enjoy some reduced textile functions not available on other RIPs


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The state of the art Textile & Grahics RIP with new advantages for graphics for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. Print your sample yardage, banners, posters, flags, signs, photographic images, designs, artwork, and patterns digitally.



Evolution RIP Plus ( Textile & Graphic )

Evolution RIP ( Textile & Graphic )

Evolution Graphic RIP

Evolution Graphic RIP Lite


Evolution RIP Specifications


  •  Imports a large variety of file formats:
    TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, AI, PDF, EPS, BMP, TGA, PCX, PCT, TNS, SCN, PUB, SDN, MSG, CHP, indexed or true color, MAC, UNIX or PC files.   Which means you can work with files created on popular software packages, as well as commercial software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, PDF files, and others.( Illustrator and Photoshop are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. )
  • Builds repeats on the fly no matter how odd the drop may be.  Is able to deal with any repeat with advanced step and repeat capabilities.
  • No limitation in size or yardage to be printed.
  • Rotates, flips, and scales the file on the fly.
  • Multi-queued and multi-process print server: each printer has its own dedicated and independent queue and memory allocation, which allows for quicker processing and printing of multiple-jobs simultaneously to multiple printer. 
  • Offers basic image manipulation before printing:
  • Change Drop, Change Resolution, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Multiply, Mirror, Cut, Measure.
  • Allows the view of one repeat, many repeats, and real image size (also known as printing size).
  • Includes Do-Undo functions.
  • Save any changes you have made in the original or in a new file format.
  • Layout Capability for presentation boards or to print multiple images at once.
  • Edit and tweak color capability.  Color picker tool.
  • sRGB, CMYK, Lab, HSV and HSL color modes.
  • Standard ICC color profiling.
  • Profile To Profile Transfer.


RIP PLUS Package:

  • Complete Coloring System
  • Excellent Color Management
  • Edit Color & Create Your Own Library
  • Re-color in sRGB, CMYK, Lab, HSV, HSL, 6-color & 8-color color models
  • Unilimited Multi Palettes
  • Edit Palettes
  • Color Swap & Color Gradient
  • Reorder palettes
  • Add / Delete Colors & Palettes
  • Load / Save palettes & color libraries
  • Color Chips & Color page creation

Supported Printers: Canon, Epson, Encad (legacy printers), H.P., Konica, Mimaki, Mutoh, M.S., Roland, Regiani, Robustelly, Stampajet, Artistri, TIFF, others.



  • Digital InkJet Fabrics

    Ink Jet Fabric Printing
    Graphics & Textiles
    Sample Yardage
    Signs, Banners, Flags
    Art & Photo Reproduction

  • Equipment

    Large Format Printers
    Heat Press
    Digital Textile Fixer
    InkJet Fabrics Steamer
    Inkjet Fabrics Washer

  • Software

    CAD & RIP Software
    Textile & Graphic RIP
    Design, Repeat, Coloring
    RIP-on-the-fly printing for
    long yardage runs

  • Supplies

    Inks: Sublimation, Textile, Pigment, Reactive, Acid, Disperse, and more
    Papers: Transfer, other
    Parts:: printers & heat presses

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